Kitty Doupe - Military Officer and Former EMT

About Kitty Doupe

As a captain in a military intelligence company, Kitty Doupe draws upon 18 years of military service in overseeing the training of more than 90 personnel responsible for providing intelligence collection and analysis in combat and civil support operations. Kitty Doupe previously held military roles such as operations officer of an infantry brigade combat team and senior intelligence officer of an infantry battalion.

As a civilian, Kitty Doupe most recently completed a two-year stint as division supervisor with Syracuse, New York's Rapid Response Monitoring, where she supervised a team of 12 EMTs and provided technical assistance and customer service for more than 1,200 accounts. She also worked briefly as an EMT herself with Rural Metro Medical Services and served one year as a public safety officer at Onondaga Community College.

Additionally, Ms. Doupe served as a volunteer firefighter for seven years, during which time she oversaw the maintenance of $150,000 worth of equipment and earned a Chief's Award for service and dedication. She's a cum laude graduate of Syracuse University, where she received a bachelor's degree in political science.